Mahatma Foundation

Balala Bhavitha...
Chinnariki Cheyutha...

The ownership of our True City has the determination to help the poor children, the determination to shape their future. Our aim is to provide quality education, medical care, nutritious meals, life skills and patriotism to as many children from poor families as possible.. Many parents who leave their children at home and go to work on daily basis are unable to provide proper nutrition to those young children. Can't care about their well-being.

They cannot be led to the good path. That's why True City is taking the responsibility of taking care of their welfare and laying golden paths for their future. Many families living below the poverty line are living in misery. It is a harsh reality that many parents who are daily wage laborers are unable to provide education, medical care and nutrition to their children. As a result of this, the lives of many unlucky girls who are married and mothered at a young age are ruined at an early age.

As for the boys, there is no one to supervise them, those who teach them culture, or they go astray in bad habits and habits in their childhood. Unethical behavior is becoming a challenge to the society. In this background, True City has taken up the heavy responsibility of providing good education, medical care and nutrition till the age of 18 to brighten the lives of some poor children. Coming up with a wonderful idea of helping children, they are caring for the welfare of some of the poor children in their area. They are provided with education, medical care and nutrition. True City volunteers are responsible for training these children in important subjects like games, arts, self-defense, social awareness, moral responsibility, personality development, patriotism.

It is a matter of pride for True City that professionals from various fields come forward as volunteers to be partners in this goodwill. Everyone can contribute/participate in this grand path.